Stephanie Hertin released the first official EP Album LIGHT

United Kingdom — Sunday, March 15th, 2020 — Stephanie Hertin released the first official EP Album LIGHT.

She takes her listeners to another level, It’s about attraction, seduction, and those good sexy vibes between two people, it is absolutely Revival. A piece of music that will keep you inspired. It feels really clever and smooth. The artist strives to captivate her audience and feed into your fantasy with a dreamy state of consciousness that takes you to another level.

“She is humble and down to Earth, Nonetheless, I wish nothing but the best of her. You’re doing great, Stephanie.”

“Her voice is attractive, it takes me there, these kinds of songs make you wanna get sexy also will bring you positivity and hope.”

She released her EP ALBUM LIGHT.

Stephanie Hertin is available on Spotify:


Stephanie Hertin (born February 20th, 1983) is a French independent artist as a singer, songwriter, musician, and record producer. She Released her EP Album in 2020.



Stephanie Hertin
Stephanie Hertin

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