Gabe730 Proves Why He’s Absolutely ‘Priceless’ With Latest Release

New Hip Hop EP Available Now 


Oakland, California – April 8, 2020 – Gabe730 has been more than a little busy the past 365 days. Within that time he teamed up with Traxamillion for a stellar LP, and even had time to release his own EP, ‘Priceless.’ 

The EP features the title track not once, but twice. The first giving fans the original version, the second being one edited for content so that it could play well on mainstream radio. A version parentals would be okay with their young hip hop fans listening to. Either way, “Priceless” is a hot track that gives more of a big label feel than anything else coming from his fellow indie peers. From the press of play, one can hear the attention to detail in everything from the production to the execution. 

‘Priceless’ dropped in 2019 alongside his collaboration with Traxamillion. They came together for ‘The Project,’ and created 10 tracks that were chalked full of creativity and passion from both of them. Both albums are available now on all major streaming platforms, and for purchase as well. 

Gabe730 is a Bay Area rapper in California who has been making music for the past decade. Writing all of his own music, he is a seasoned professional ready to share it with the rest of the world. 

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Gabe730 shows what he is made of on his latest EP, ‘Priceless.’

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