Going to the Sun drop CD

Going to the Sun drop CD


Since the inception of bands like Of Monster and Men and The Lumineers, Folk music has been gaining lots of popularity and a genre that went being barely known to hit the biggest charts.

Fronted by singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist David Young, Going to the sun started as an experimental departure from rock power trio Down and Above, but quickly turned into a raison d’etre with Young wanted to make a heart-forward album that showcased both the beautiful but also the painful side of life that didn’t only he could connect but others as well. And so he did. David is joined by DNA’s drummer Zach Young and other great music guests such as Ian Allison (Jeremy Messersmith, Carnage, Verskotzi) and Ken Wilson (Paulette Carlson).

The band’s self-titled album kicks off with the single “New Year” which this upbeat, poppy and fun sound that reminded me to Panic! At The Disco from both the music to the Brandon Urie-esque vocals; but that changes once we hit “Alone in the Same Room” where things turns a bit “rock n’ roll”? As we listen through the album, even the songs that start quite eventually turned into these really incredible catchy tracks that will get you up and dancing. As written in the last paragraph, you can relate with the lyrics that go from joy to sadness and they are so well-written and there’s no doubt this are words written and sing by someone that’s been or is currently going through this situation.

I don’t really have any bad comments about this album nor the band. Honestly they are not the most original act right there but I don’t think that’s they are either looking for. The band and this album is more like a diary where David speaks his mind and he wants to share his thoughts with whoever it’s up to listen and hopefully inspire them in some way.

Overall, this is a very touching and entertaining written by someone in the scene that isn’t in for the business but for the art. Music was made to express ourselves, not to talk crap and misguide anyone. The Young brothers have created a pretty cool album that while not memorable, it still has its moment and I am sure those who are currently digging this new wave of indie Pop with Folk instrumentation –and even those who don’t-, will really love and appreciate this band’s music.

Rating: 8/10

– RJ Frometa