Good Music Is Hard To Come By These Days So Rico Simmonds Is An Anomaly , He Can’t Make Anything Less.

Cleveland, Oh — Wednesday, May 27th, 2020 — Rico Simmonds is here and the music says it all from past to present all of his work is enjoyable. Not many artists can polarize a person with their work that’s a pedestal the greats reside On, one he is climbing as eagerly.

Locals in Cleveland are very hard to impress musically. A city that produced great musicians such as bone thugs or kid Cudi should be more welcoming. Rico Simmonds’audience is much larger than that and stretches internationally with over a hundred thousand streams across platforms world wide completely independently. A very difficult task for an artist with no label support.

“I’d like to say thanks to my lawyer I got outsold drugs to my celly now I’m feeling like Tommy from belly what these bitches want from a nigga tell me”

Witty lyrical content as well as emotionally driven music a difficult balance to find but Rico Simmonds seems to have mastered it.

The quality of musician and overall musicians have depleted in hip hop. The quantity of artists and music is much more vast than ever, especially in hip hop. But every now and then an artist emerges as an air pocket in a stifling sea of subpar musicians and this time his name is Rico Simmonds.

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Rico Simmonds is a Jamaican american rapper out of cleveland Ohio a prolific songwriter and an avid lyricist poetic rhyme schemes catchy hooks he does it all seamless and elegant.



Rico Simmonds
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