Gospel Rap with D2S

D2S ReviewYou never know what you’re going to get when you hit play. That was the case with D2S, but it was a pleasant surprise. “What You Gonna Praise For Him” was a surprise. When you see religious phrases in a title, you don’t expect to hear hip hop. That’s the beauty of worship though, everyone can be a fan of the man upstairs and it can be expressed in a variety of genres. When it comes to D2S, he’s a rapper for the Lord. Plus, it’s well done music – religious or not. As we move on to “Holy Spirit Fall On Me,” we hear a different side of this artist as a more traditional Gospel voice comes through at the intro. It’s less in your face as the last and a bit more what you’d expect – still good though. It still has that rap feel, but is more communal. Then “Love Song to Jesus” takes on a R&B tone as “Get Your Worship On” could be played in a club tonight and it wouldn’t be given a second thought. It’s a hype track that really makes the body move. Speaking of, “I Can’t Stand Still” has that same vibe going on and sounds like it would get the whole church on its feet. If you’re a believer but also are into hip hop – this is the perfect mixture and D2S is the right artist for you. (https://www.jango.com/music/D2S?l=0)