Perfect Timing for Years of The Songs

Years of The Songs ReviewIt’s the perfect time of year for some good, heartfelt and lively music from Years of The Songs. What better way to kick off a review right after Daylight Savings Time than with “It’s Time for Springtime.” This is a great kick off to the review and time of year because the weather is clearing up and things are starting to begin anew. With “Melodies of Your Love” we slow it down and things take a serious turn. We continue on that same somber road with “My Heart’s Dead Without You.” When you first hear the Spring song and the melancholy ones, you just assume this guy is a singer-songwriter but he can rock and that comes through with “Your Love is Coming Around.” It’s not Metallica, but it does have more oomph to it than the other songs and has a very ‘70s rock feel to it. That same tone comes through again with “Sunday’s Brought Me Back.” With a blend of heart, belief and rock, Years of The Songs does his thing in a way that’s unique and something to check out for sure. (