Great Quality Writing and Immense Expertise: Loke G Has Accepted A Position As The General Manager At AKM Publishing..

The eclectic writer’s knowledge of the music industry and willingness to help up-coming artists has helped him reach newer horizons.

Houston, Texas — May 9th, 2022- Loke G is no stranger to the ins and outs of the music industry. The aspiring writer has used his experience in the music industry as a means of helping new artists with diligence and empathy. It is this ability to use experience in a practical way that sets Loke G apart from others in many ways. This coupled with the spirit to help others out is exactly the kind of attitude that is missing in the industry.

With more than twenty years of experience in the music industry, Loke G has spent enough time in and around artists to be able to truly understand the true realities of the life of an artist. It is this expertise and foresight that has enabled the artist to accept a new position as the General Manager at AKM Publishing, LLC. This is one of the highest positions available there.

Loke G has accepted this position after six months of hefty negotiation; truly gauging what the occupation has to offer to him. As the new General Manager, the writer has the job to supervise all articles from three magazines which include The Plugg, DSB, and TLM. This supervision requires monitoring of the substance that is produced as well as the review of the articles that go to publishing. In this way, Loke G ensures that the magazines do the exclusive job of uplifting the artists.

For the first episode, the writer sat down with touring comedian and successful artist, Chingo Bling. This interview in and of itself helped Loke G learn a lot. Since then, the artist has interviewed a tremendous amount of talent in the state including debut artists Houstone Smooth and legendary artist Dat Boi T, amongst others. All these artists have cumulatively helped the writer understand the individualistic artist stories of the people in the industry.

Apart from interviewing artists, Loke G also works to shed a spotlight on several different actors in the industry which include DJs, managers, barbers, and tattoo artists among others. It is important to help anyone in the industry and turn give them the spotlight that they automatically get by talking to the magazine. With over 25000 subscribers in all major US penitentiaries, the magazine is creating an avenue for inmates to be ‘Plugged’ into what is happening out in the free world.

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With extensive experience in the industry, Loke G has learned, firsthand, all the difficulties artists encounter. With his brother Brickaveli being incarcerated on a 17-year sentence, working on projects that help out inmates is something that Loke G takes personally.

The aspiring musician applies all strategies and knowledge to his new position and encourages everyone to reach out to others for collaborations. Still representing the downtrodden and underprivileged, Loke G is creating new opportunities for anyone willing to work hard and show commitment.


Loke G
Name: Loke G
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