Greg Hoy & the Boys’ new single “Leaving While You Stay”

Comprised mostly of chugging, uncompromisingly dark riffage and some slathered-on bass, drum and vocal destruction, there’s no mistaking Greg Hoy & the Boys’ new single “Leaving While You Stay” for a plasticized pop song.

Whether it be the construction of the track’s main melody or the stony visuals that make up its music video, this is pure rock n’ roll carnage any way you look at it. The riffs are robust but the general dirtiness of the rhythm and central harmonies are what give this song its signature oomph, and for me, it’s easily one of the best indie rock tunes I’ve listened to in a while. 

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The guitar is definitely the biggest beast in the room here, but it’s not nearly as evocative as the grind of the percussion in the background is. The beat is essentially what designs the narrative; without the lines it draws out at the beginning of the song, the lyrics are somewhat shapeless and too multi-interpretive for us to actually relate to on a grander scale.

By using a groove to control not only the tempo but the tone of the music here, Greg Hoy proves once more that he’s one of the more skillful leading men in his scene at the moment. 

If you’ve never heard their work but are still hurting for some real rock n’ roll abuse this summer, now is a good time to get into Greg Hoy & the Boys – starting with “Leaving While You Stay.” Hoy batters us with as much sludge as this blues-minded song structure can handle, and even if it isn’t the most polished number in his collective discography,

I’m hoping it’s a fair indication of what we can anticipate out of his upcoming recording studios with the Boys in the near future. He’s got my attention, and I think this latest cut will win yours as well. 

Zachary Rush