Heart Race is a song to remember: new music video from Sophia Prize

Oakland, CA — January 26, 2019 — Sophia Prize announces the release of her second single and video in support of the upcoming album Double Dream. The song flutters with catchy vocal hooks in a moody electronic soundscape and features live cello performance by Cellista. The video was filmed during the longest drought in California history and asks the viewer to “make your wolf face, make your heart race.”

As we arrive upon the two-year anniversary of Donald Trump’s approval of the Dakota Access Pipeline, hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil have been spilled into the nearby waters and many protestors from the DAPL protests are still fighting hefty sentencing. “Dystopian pop” singer-producer Sophia Prize offers the single Heart Race as a passionate call to arms for all those who care about the future of the planet and more specifically, the safety of our water. Engineered by Emmy-winning producer David Earl, the track is impactful yet beautiful, sparkling with uniquely filtered synth arpeggiations and featuring smooth vocals that pack an operatic punch.

The music video, shot by Italian filmmaker Marco Antonelli, features footage from the 2016 DAPL protests as well as from Trinity Lake in California. The story recreates a transformative experience in which the protagonist stumbles upon a dried up lakebed and, overcome by the barren lake’s beauty yet knowing the reason for its desecration, is overcome, vowing to fight to protect the earth from those who seek to destroy it.

The second single from Sophia Prize on the heels of dystopian-pop gem I Am Erika, Heart Race is a slow-burning heavy hitter. In true DIY fashion, Prize wrote and produced the song as well as directed and edited the music video.

Watch the video at https://youtu.be/RvfTsMU1_Ds

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Growing up in Portland, Oregon, Sophia often experienced vivid audio-lucid-dreams: swimming through crystalline oceans of fully-orchestrated sound. Enthralled by her unique sensory experiences in this world between waking and dreams, Sophia dove further into music-making by earning a Master of Music at San Francisco Conservatory, pursuing singing, music production, and songwriting and began performing her original music at local clubs in 2011. A penchant for Mozart and Bellini blossomed into an ethereal yet darkly spirited electronic pop sound. www.sophiaprize.com

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