hedfog Reaches for the Top with ‘Race to the Bottom’

New Electropop Album Out Now

Brisbane, Australia – April 23, 2019 – hedfog has performed with everyone from Debbie Harry to The Sugarcubes and with good reason. His spin on electropop gives way to energetic blasts throughout not only his career but his latest album, 2019’s Race to the Bottom.

Out now, Race to the Bottom contains a handful of tracks that set the record straight on next level sounds. When it comes to electronic music, rarely are lyrics anything to compare and contrast. Typically it’s the beats listeners are tuning in for. And while hedfog’s beats are killer, fans will also appreciate that he has something to say on tracks like “Mine” and “Where’s the Fun?” For fans of LCD Soundsystem and Holy Ghost, hedfog brings wry humor and melancholy to the material, producing thoughtful soundscapes which reflect on the hard work of living well..

His fourth release, Race to the Bottom is the follow up to 2018’s The Space Between Us, but it’s far from his last. Currently, he’s working on new material to be released in due time. For now, those interested in reviewing Race to the Bottom, adding any of the material to their playlists, or interviewing hedfog can reach out via the information provided below.


hedfog is an electropop artist with a sense of humor that showcases itself throughout his slick beats and dynamic lyrics on his latest release, 2019’s Race to the Bottom.

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