New Controversial Rapper J-Easy

Columbus Ga — Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019 — J-Easy is your new rapper that doesn’t care what others think. He is a blunt person and is straight to the point. His life is what makes his music His fan base is for people that go through rough patches in their life. J-Easy’s Music is a get away from reality. You can find his music on all major platforms and streaming services.

I make music to tell a story. It’s better than doing it face to face because then they are forced to hear what you have to say. That’s the power of music! J-Easy is working on a new album, it will come from his latest single “Self Medicate” his single is out everywhere. J-Easy isn’t looking for millions he wants millions to hear his story.

J-Easy’s Apple Music Page


His name is J-Easy. He is a hip-hop artist from Columbus GA.  His problems from his life, from a broken family to not having a mom or dad. Then he struggles with his anxiety, depression, and PTSD from the army he makes due with what he can and pushes through his life with his music. Jay has a five year old daughter that means the world to him. What he does in his life revolves around her.


794 Mill Pond Dr

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