Do You Love the Old Hymns of the Faith?

Burlington, Wisconsin — Sunday, April 21st, 2019 — Timeless music for the soul and spirit can be found on the three hymn albums of vocalist, Valerie Ann Knies. Sing along with music for worship, meditation, and rejoicing.

Timeless truths from the Bible are a part of every hymn in these albums.  Timeless accompaniments by professional Christian musicians bring a dynamic of beauty and praise to the Lord. Valerie presents each song with the versatility of voice and passion of heart to encourage and inspire people of all ages to appreciate the God of the Bible.

Valerie began her lifetime of singing in church as a child.  She fell in love with the Old Hymns of the Faith in Sunday School.  She began to sing as a soloist in church and school as a young teenager and has been sharing her heart in music ever since. She has sung in churches around the world.

The great hymns of the faith have begun to disappear in this generation.  Valerie has a desire to preserve these treasures for new believers and Christian families and share them with the world. My Master and My Friend, 32 of your favorite hymns; My Blessed Redeemer, 32 more of your favorite hymns; and My Faithful Lord, songs, hymns and spiritual songs of prayer, are all available at her website along with many writings of inspiration.

People from around the world enjoy the music of Valerie Ann Knies. Hymns are generational and these albums provide a great way to pass this music from one generation to the next. Valerie looks forward to visitors to her website, where CD’s and Downloads of tracks and albums of her beautiful music are available.


Valerie Ann Knies has three inspirational vocal hymn albums. They are beautifully accompanied by keyboards and instrumentalists.  They are available at



Valerie Knies
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