“Hidden” by Hidden Beams

Instrumentally blossoming like a flower in the springtime whilst emitting a chilly melody that has more in common with the winds of an autumnal season than it does any other time on the calendar, we enter the frosty “Hidden” unaware of what awaits in the shadowy patchwork of folk-rock harmonies, but soon enough, their grandeur will be fully-known to all listening. There’s ominousness to the beat, a swelling sense of menacing as we drift into the midsection of the track, but all the while a voice from one Carlos Argon keeps us grounded to reality – which is quite the task in this surreal soundscape of a folk ballad. 

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Hidden Beams is the chosen name for this project by Argon, and in its second single “Hidden,” it becomes obvious just how much of a psychedelic bend he intends on bringing into his work on this level. There’s a stoniness to the constant vacuum effect brought forth by the percussion and its role in the rhythm of the music, and even when we think we’re starting to escape it towards the conclusion of the song, we’re then reminded once more that it and it alone controls the creative narrative as it comes to fruition in real time here. 

October has classically been a time of incredible music emerging from the obscurities of the underground, old and new the same, and while this song actually debuted last month, it feels very appropriate for the fall season we’re just now beginning to embrace. Hidden Beams is giving us some of the more ghostly grooves I’ve been hit with from an indie rock unit since the start of the new decade in this single and its powerful yet simple music video, and hopefully they’ll only be the first of many to come from Argon in this capacity. 

Zachary Rush