High Energy Trio Blends an Ever-Evolving Rock and Punk Sound – Modern Natives Stun with New Drop ‘Take Your Time’

Illuminating the crucial issue of mental health with their powerful new single, Modern Natives remind listeners that it is okay to reach out for help

Fairbanks, AK — An Alternative track which does more than just magnetize audiences with its enthralling appeal, Modern Natives’ newest drop is timely and crucial. Titled ‘Take Your Time,’ the new single emphasizes on the need for always thinking about your mental health and attempts to counter the stigma attached with the topic.

Reassuring audiences that there is always someone who listens, helps, and hears you out, ‘Take Your Time’ is a reminder that it is always okay ask for help. Mental health is crucial, and it is one of the least talked about problems that every person around us faces. With their impressive new single, amplified by tantalizing rhythms and memorable sounds, Modern Natives bring attention to the struggle that one faces in the mind.

Since its release on January 6th, 2023, the new single has continued to pique listeners’ attention and provides a mellow, relatable, and exciting outlook. From its’ composition style, ‘Take Your Time’ presents an enriching blend of 90s Punk set against a distinct 2000s emo undertone.

Created by the Modern Natives band, and mixed and mastered by JMELO Productions, the new single is a ray of hope and relatability for all those struggling with their inner demons. ‘Take Your Time’ urges audiences to ask for help and take the time they need to release themselves from the chains we put on ourselves.

“Everyone should have access to mental health care and resources. Sometimes it’s hard to ask for help but we hope that people who hear this track can feel a sort of comfort in knowing they are not alone,” say the artists.

Modern Natives are currently recording more releases to be distributed over the next 3-4 months. They are preparing to embark on their second tour which begins on the east coast in April 2023 and takes them back to Alaska where they will be performing throughout the summer.

A band that keeps upping the benchmark, Modern Natives is also developing new merchandise which is available on their website.

Visit Modern Natives’ official website to check out/download/buy their new music and buy their merch to support their inspirational musical journey! Follow the artists on social media for information on new music and feel free to contact through email for interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations.



Modern Natives is currently taking a break after completing their first tour to record a series of new songs to be distributed over the next 3-4 months. Additionally, they are taking their time to prepare for their next tour starting on the US East Coast in April 2023 and taking them back to Alaska where they will be performing throughout the summer.

The talented artists are also developing more merchandise that’s available on their website. Modern Natives have been making music together as a trio since January 2022, but the roots of the band go back to 2009- they year they first set up their collective.


Modern Natives
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