Holly Lowery Brings Out the Dark Side

Holly Lowery Brings Out the Dark SideWhen I was younger I encountered my first gothic person. Her name was Rachel and she lived by my then best friend. Of course I was scared, I was like eight and there were rumors that she had done a lot of weird stuff. Then I grew up and in middle school one of the coolest girls I met at 12 slowly turned gothic and I realized that it was more about the culture and fashion, and not so much an evil spell they were under. I bring this up only because that is what I found when stumbling upon Holly Lowery. She often growls in a metal band, but when I listened to her stuff I found it a lot softer. Hollys music still encompassed a dark spirit, but had more synth sounds and made me think of it as a gloomy pop song played in a cemetery under a full moon. Listen to songs like Halo of Hell and tell me you do not feel the same. It was a more twisted version of Hocus Pocus as it called out to children, and Bittersweet was all sorts of spooky. Black Haze was also spine chilling. The most interesting song to hear was Beyond the Moon. Possibly done on purpose, the song sounded like it was deep in space, as it was low and hard to make out. Could this be the last song a lost astronaut ever sang? Maybe, but either way it was an artistic move on Hollys part. Holly has taken her love of horror, vampires and Fiona Apple and made a sound for herself that would rock the gothic realm. If that sounds like something you are into, check her out. (https://www.reverbnation.com/hollylowery)