Sonya Raica a Haunting Feminine Touch

Sonya Raica a Haunting Feminine TouchIf you asked me who Sonya Raica was, I could not give you a solid answer. I do not know much about her. All I know is that she is a singer songwriter with a knack for words and song. I only had a few songs to get to know more about Sonya. Who was this woman with a haunting feminine sound to her voice? Well, she is just that. Tap Tap had a 90’s Lilith Fair feel to it, as if she were born and bred off of Joan Osborne and Sarah McLachlan records. The message of looking on the positive side and facing sadness was stellar too. Change My Life had the same overall tone of Tap Tap, so my sentiments towards it were the same as a packaging, although the message of the song was different. The last song that let me into Sonya Raicas mind was Waiting In The Amazon. It has a lighter, more airy essence to it than the other two. Then I realized it was because this was a love song, no wonder the vocals were a bit brighter. Sonya Raica, we may not be BFFs who gab on the phone weekly and I may not know where she calls home, but I do know her through her music and am prepared to say she seems like the kind of person who takes in life and projects her thoughts through well placed songs.