Hot New Artist with New and Diverse Music: Presenting to the world, Steve Leads

Blending various genres with finesse and always challenging his musical capabilities, talented artist Steve Leads is emerging as a breakout artist of the time… 

Southern Maryland, USA — Up-and-coming artist Steve Leads is breaking through the ranks and emerging as the next big thing in the world of music. Possessing incredible expertise in a bunch of musical genres including Rock, Blues, and Pop, the artist is considered extremely diverse in the type of music he creates.   Steve Leads has released a brand new single titled “Lonely” at the start of this year.

With the release of “Lonely” on January 1, 2022, the rising artist is looking forward to starting the new year with a bang and expanding his artistic horizons. He is hoping his music will attract people not only from the US, but from all around the world in all age groups and backgrounds.  The Blues grooves and Rock tunes blended in “Lonely” make it an incredibly unique and diverse song that fits the bill.  During the worldwide pandemic Steve had a lot of alone time away from friends and family and it inspired him to write this song.

Being an incredibly skilled and diverse musician, Steve Leads has a solid grip on a bunch of musical aspects. He is a songwriter, vocalist, guitarist, and producer whose roots go back to Southern Rock and Blues with a unique style that never fails to captivate the listeners. This dedicated artist is self-taught and plans on continuing his journey, growing better with every passing day and making more music that he is passionate about. “Lonely” is currently available on Spotify, Apple Music, ReverbNation, Amazon, Tidal and more.

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Steve Leads is a Pop/Rock/Blues artist based out of Southern Maryland. The diverse blend of all of Leads’ past musical experiences is the foundation of what makes Steve Leads who he is. His music appeals to diverse audiences.

In 2019, the dedicated artist released his debut album titled ‘Off the Grid’. All the songs on the album are written, arranged, and produced by Steve Leads. Past performances have included venues such as music festivals and club settings.


Name: Steve Leads
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