Hughie Mac releases new Single

The piano is one of the most iconic instruments in all of pop music, and it plays a signature role in the all-new single from Hughie Mac, “Let’s Get Away.” Rather than merely creating a foundational melody for the highly-regarded crooner to sew his imagistic lyrics into, it has plenty to express in its own right. There’s a bit of optimistic excitement in its striking keys, a dash of adventure, and even a hint of endearing romance waiting for us to embrace its warmth. “Let’s Get Away” might be a familiar song for many of us, but the way that Hughie Mac has packaged it for fans in this latest cut from his acclaimed album Hughie Mac Sings Some Great Songs, Pt. 3 is as original as they come.


Mac’s unique singing style has more in common with midcentury crooners than it does any of the contemporary sounds that I’ve been reviewing out of his scene in the last couple of years, but that said, the production quality here is hardly archaic. Contrarily, this master mix is one of the most progressive and modern that I’ve heard in a vocal pop single in some time. The piano sparkles, the drums have a nice reverb to their classy beats, and even though the vocal is always the star of the show, it doesn’t overwhelm the instrumental side of the track at all. This is some brilliant handiwork on the part of producers, and it makes the harmonies within the song all the more colorful than they already were.

There’s virtually zero bottom-end to in this track, but to be perfectly honest, “Let’s Get Away” doesn’t need a big bassline to affect anyone who happens to be within listening range. I think that there’s more than enough muscularity in this slinky percussion to compensate for whatever lack of depth might be present in the bass, and I would even go as far as to say that Mac’s vocal performance is so captivating that it doesn’t make a difference either way. This is his song when he sings it, his stage when he takes it, and in a chapter of pop music history that has been missing a man as commanding as he is, his work is something to be celebrated from one generation to the next.


Some songs make sense no matter how many times we’ve heard them before, and this one of a kind rendition of an undisputed classic goes unmatched in terms of charm this summer – as does its singer. Hughie Mac has been dishing out chill-inducing pop standards that have kept both fans and critics more than satisfied in the last few years, and if you haven’t already picked up his latest installment in the Sings Some Great Songs series, I would recommend doing so before the season is over. This is pop music for adults, and it’s among some of the most charismatic and brilliantly evocative material that you’re likely to hear over the next few months. Hughie Mac is still the man, and anyone who ever had the nerve to question that is effectively shut down in “Let’s Get Away.”

Jamie Morse