Hunter and the Dirty Jacks drop debut CD


The Review: Southern California blues rockers “Hunter and the Dirty Jacks” just released their new/debut CD entitled “Single Barrel” (2014).

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Band members are: Hunter Ackerman (Vocals), Jon Siembieda (Guitar), Carmelo Bonaventura (Guitar), Aaron Barnes (Bass), Brian Lara (drums).

Their inspiring sound is built off bluesy guitars, rolling bass lines/drum rhythms, lyrics that get right to the point and a superlative vocal front. Their dedicated front-man dons a five o-clock shadow and appealing baritone like no other. Ackerman and the band have a passion for entertaining and wooing every crowd paralleling some of their biggest influences like Black Label Society, Marshall Tucker, Grand Funk, Bob Seger, Black Stone Cherry and Led Zeppelin just off the top of my head. With a growing reputation as one of the hardest working bands down in the L.A. area Hunter and the Dirty Jacks question new music tradition and offers listeners a glimpse into the past of real Rock ‘n’ Roll music. What’s apparent from the 12 tracks featured is this is a surprisingly tight band with a jagged edge. The sharp edge collection of songs almost feels like your watching a band live, is very compatible with the persona and personality of these 5 which will intrigue and indulge many. Listening to font man Ackerman, “the intrigue” quality struck me as I was listening to him, mainly because I wanted to put a face to the voice, to the band. When I saw the picture of these guys it was everything I had visualized. They look like 5 modern-day musical outlaws. Whether it’s by design or by accident putting a tight rhythm section coupled with a retro sound and a heavy blues/rock swagger is a smart move. This band rocks the house and Ackerman, like the rest of the band, has an impressive musical presence.

My top picks on the album are “Salt Whiskey”, “Doctor Dingo” “Break Me Down and ”Smoking Gun”.

On all tracks you will hear hot to the touch guitar, drums, bass, harmonica, female background vocals, vivid and at times powerful vocals and lyrics. Typically, because I am a DJ by trade, you can find me posted up with my laptop with a choice beverage perusing the web while digging into new and fresh music. As “Single Barrel” breathed gently out of my speakers, it captivated me and inspired me to write down my thoughts and feelings. Feelings I had about life from day to day, from moment to moment to maybe write a poem of song about. Perhaps this is the same approach Ackerman and the band had when writing these songs? Yes I played it in the background while I was working out as well. This is the perfect music for these types of background activities.

To me this album is about life – mostly a feel good CD that reminds me of all the bands previously mentioned. This CD also allowed me to indulge into memories of my college days when I used to party all night long and come down had the next listening to acts like Sawyer Brown, Eagles and ZZ Top played in the background.

“Single Barrel” by Hunter and the Dirty Jacks was just the escape I was looking for. They look like a great act to catch live around the South West. My hats off to the Dirty Jacks for bringing back good music again delivered loud and out of control. That’s what rock n’ roll is all about?


Briana Koontz. Approved by Cyrus Rhodes