JawKo Pops His Own Way

JawKo ReviewJawKo is a pop artist from Ithaca, New York that does things a little different. “Horn-Rimmed Glasses” has a funky side to it that makes it one you can’t really ignore. It’s definitely a song a girl like me could appreciate as I am a gal with glasses and we don’t get enough light shined on us. I can also tell you that it’s a great one to listen to because it’s not like a lot of overprocessed pop that’s out there right now. From funky to a more dreamlike stance. That’s the route we travel to get from the first to “Better Run Now.” The intro took me back a bit but then you get into it and move. I think we’re ending on the best note though with “Wake Up to You.” It’s a great pop song that reminds me of an innocent beat from the mid-’90s. It has this pureity to its pop that makes it the cherry on top of JawKo’s sound. If you’re a fan of pop that does things differently, check out New York’s JawKo now. (https://www.reverbnation.com/jawko)