Jordan: Solace

Jordan ReviewJordan’s “Solace” is a treat for fans of New Age delights. The record opens with a wonderfully constructed piano piece called “My Dear.” That gently glides up into a sentimental one, “Just for You.” You can hear every emotion loud and clear and the songs weave from one to the next. It’s a record that flows without flaws. From the rightfully titled “Serenity” and “Majestic” to the natural sounds of “Spring Flow,” “Solace” is definitely a grand listneing expereience. For those who are more into the moods of the music and not so much the lyrical content, then this is for you. Jordan has captured a number of humanistic elements and placed many of them on “Solace.” So if you’re a fan of artists like Yanni and Vangelis, check out Jordan now. (