Brandon Hess and His Musical Loop

Brandon Hess ReviewBrandon Hess’ music will throw you for a loop. Get in touch with nature and listen to “The River.” It has a slow start but then when the lyrics start coming in you get a mixture of Country cool with singer/songwriter chic. Then comes “2Maui” and while it tries to have an island feel, it falls a little flat with that. That Country thing is stripped away and no longer relevant when you roll into “Peaceful Life.” This is more for those who like to sit and think about life in a psychedelic sense. At this point in the listening experience with Brandon Hess I’m leaning more towards this is a guy who just makes music he’s feeling at the time. Like with “Fly Away.” You can tell here that he was in a very calm and chill mood when he recorded it, but then those Country vocals kind of creep back in. I definitely appreciate the rock and the pick up in “I Will” at the start of it. When all is said and done, this one is the cream of the crop for all Brandon Hess has to offer right now. So we’ll end on that note and I’ll leave you with this…If you’re a fan of Country with a twist, check out the moods and all the sides of Brandon Hess. (