Celebrate with Franman

franman reviewFranman is a Country man from up north in Canada who likes to folk around. “A Tender Moment” is a heartfelt love song. Right from the start you can hear the honesty in the lyrics and you can tell that this singer/songwriter really put his all in it. I’m pretty sure the US and Canada do not share the same holiday schedule but because it’s almost time for is here, “Thanksgiving” is a timely track. Although it’s timely, it’s an odd one to listen to after that tender one. The voice is rough as a story is told like an old folktale around the campfire. It sounds like something you’d listen to in elementary school to learn the history of the holiday. Wait a second, speaking of timely…We have the spooktacular “Halloween.” Again, another odd duck in the mix but if you’re eccentric you’ll appreciate the effort. Going through Franman’s titles a little more closely though you’ll notice a theme – he loves to write with the calendar in mind. He has songs for mom and dad, “Thanks Mom” being a sweet treat for the woman who carried you nine months. That song also gets back into the Country ways of Franman’s musical style. I really love “The Spirit of Christmas” thanks to the chorus element. It makes you not only think of that time of year but the togetherness that it’s all about. We’ll end with a true blue sounding Country tune though, “The Birth of Spring.” We started out with the heart, roamed around the oddballs and landed at the base of what makes Franman pop. If you’re a classic Country fan or just love holiday themed music, check out Franman now. (https://www.jango.com/music/FRANMAN?l=0)