Sapphire Nine & Natural Electronics

sapphire nine reviewSapphire Nine is an electronic artist whose music sounds more human than machine. “Bamboo” gets the adrenaline pumping right from the press of “start.” Then things simmer down as you follow this same beat for awhile .It slowly builds and then goes into a light feeling that brings nothing more than a smile to a listener’s face. With “Glassmaker” you get a more industrial feel. If that genre mated with a happier tone of the ’80s. It has more energy than the last and sounds like something you’d hear in a Japanese arcade. I didn’t really feel “Contact.” I felt that it was lacking compared to the previous two. There was a consistency but nothing ever popped off and made an effect. Then you had “Alleluia” to pull me back in. The smoothness of it and the soothing ways of the beat was untouchable. We have to pick this back up again though. Which I thought was going to happen with “Field of Lightning” because the imagery alone from the title says “action,” but it was a slow start here. The anticipation was worth it as the beat quickened. Finally, “Release” is where we cap things off and say our goodbyes to Sapphire Nine. It’s a good closer and has finale written all over it. If you’re into the electronic scene but like beats that are more natural sounding than say Skrillex, check out Sapphire Nine now. (