Deborah Henriksson releases new CD


Band: Deborah Henriksson

CD: Traces



Score: 8.5/10 Stars

One of the greatest things a music-lover can experiences is the discovery of a new artist so exciting, so invigorating it makes the listener want to “really” write about it. Though I don’t write reviews under false pretenses I will admit many times I find myself writing reviews based on music that is to say the least – extremely forgetful. Sometimes, such jewels are found “underground” rather than mainstream media, but then again, that’s just one of the reasons why the indie scene can be so fascinating and exciting t the same time. Case in point it’s a stage designed for creative people, a platform to let their art be seen, and in this case heard.

Some artists have been around for a while bit nonetheless exist beneath our radar screens. Sweden’s own Deborah Henriksson is no longer beneath my radar screen having ended up on my desk. This latest CD is entitled “Traces” (2014). So how would I describe this CD? It’s a supernova of passion and delicate sound exploding into your soul, a game changer in a world that needs a new musical direction. Wow that felt good. This 12 song CD ‘Traces” is led by the charismatic persona of lead vocalist Deborah Henriksson who I suspect is classical trained. After doing some initial research – this is one clairvoyant artist that’s surging and drawing followers and fans by the droves all around the world. To me this is kind of a conceptual record, inviting a listener to experience and relate to the depths and levity of the restless soul with traces of Capercallie, The Moon and the Nightspirit, Hagalaz Runedance, Lilly Allen, Banks, Clannad and Florence and the Machine. These latest string of songs present an amazing blend of Classic Vocal Pop, Celtic, and European Folk. On the other side of the sonic spectrum I can even hear slight Alternative Folk, and even a slight R&B to Fusion. On songs like “I Feel”, “Only You” and “Fallen Disguise” Henriksson and company display a spot on mixture of all of the above styles. The superlative voice of Henriksson coupled with an amazing songwriters touch and superb instrumentation is the pinnacle of it all. Henriksson’s singing – soulful and magical and goes well with the music. This is the perfect CD for a gathering, accompanied by an adjacent psychedelic party gone or function.

Criticism: I don’t get the “Traces” concept and how I applies to 3 trees on the front cover? Traces – being a beaten path mind you. I’m a bit puzzled.

“Traces” has a special melodic element to it combining rocking fretwork, well placed harmonies, n almost Orchestral driven Euro-Folk influenced beat that evolves perfectly as the CD advances. I especially like the merge of classic Piano accents, drums with an amazing Accoustical guitar accents. Why do I say this? Well because al songs are so easy to dance to. Enter in the impressive vocal work from Henriksson meshed with the impassioned lyrics you have the perfect setting for a breathtaking CD entitled “Traces”. I guess I could go on all night about Deborah Henriksson, you have got to check her out via the below link ASAP!


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by Laura Angove. Approved by Cyrus Rhodes.