Hard Rock Fusions to Get Anyone Grooving and Moving: Presenting to the World Rise In Veins

A hidden gem in the genre of Hard Rock music, the stunning and talented group of musicians in the band Rise In Veins are all set to become a sensation, creating rich musical compositions that strike all the right cords

Quebec, Canada – February 26th, 2021 – An up-and-coming stellar Rock line-up, Rise In Veins are on the route to become Canada’s finest addition to the genre of high-octane Rock music. With rich and vivid lyricism that is bound to leave anyone mesmerized by the memorable nature of their song writing, Rise In Veins is a true independent act of masterful artistic spirit and talent. A new group in the musical industry, Rise In Veins are on the right track to surprise and inspire with their upcoming single titled “Pieces”, which will mark their second Rock release, following their debut single which was met with great critical acclaim and fanfare after being launched for the Rock music-loving audiences.

The rising and talented powerhouse of Hard Rock music is ready to once again enthrall and surprise with their second single, building on a legacy that was laid by their stellar debut single titled “Unsaid” six weeks ago, which created much noise and electric buzz. Coming to all major platforms, the new single “Pieces” will showcase the band’s rich and exciting songwriting as well as a fresh outlook into their iconic vocals- a new angle that the band will be launching and putting out for fans through “Pieces”. The fresh and hip single is now available on the band’s official platforms since February 26th 2021, and is a work of art that has been made with input from all of the band’s talented members. Consisting of Stephan Aube who works as singer and guitarist, Francois Lefebvre on guitar and Stephane Lefebvre on Bass, the band is a true authentic force of Rock music. The band has also worked with talented UK drummer Luke Middleton and producer Matt Dougherty to curate the finest of compositions for their listeners.

Their much-awaited new single “Pieces” is an ode to someone who is special in one’s life and someone who makes you feel complete and fulfilled. With this song, the band wishes to remind listeners of the broken and missing pieces we often must put together to complete our own self. The band is all set to release a series of new singles throughout the New Year while building their fan base, staying true to the genres of Rock and Metal with their rich and progressive rock music.





Rise In Veins are an up-and-coming masterpiece who are looking to use their heavy rock vocals and powerful delivery to take over the genre of Rock. Comprised of 4 talented individuals, the band is poised to make waves in the scene with their dynamic sound and emotion-filled vocal performances.
With their new single, the band radiates raw emotion through explosive and distinct instrumentation, inspired by their own relatable and raw life experiences.



Name: Rise In veins
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Facebook https://www.facebook.com/RiseInVeins
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuWLoyrNpHvSoWfSnnFKY8g?fbclid=IwAR1U-X36f1RjDSdNYAFYFAYoNpyqIZQ0eTjFQf7M68MMYrmOIJSYRyEdBxg
SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/riseinveins-330171487
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