Uplifting New Music by Recording Sensation Robby Riggs

The longtime musician and producer flies solo with first single, “In My Dreams (Feat. Ayla Rodney)”

Toronto, Canada – March 1, 2021 – After remixing and producing music for many artists including Nelly Furtado, Shania Twain, Fefe Dobson and Paul Oakendfold; and creating music within the music duo Mach 747, Robby Riggs has released his first single as a solo artist. “In My Dreams (Feat. Ayla Rodney)” released across streaming platforms on February 12, 2021, and has met with encouraging reception.

Listeners have commented that the song is positive and uplifting it is and makes them feel joyful. Robby Riggs himself notes that he invests a lot of himself in his work. “Music is a journey through my self-reflection,” he says, “and is always referring to the personal experiences that I face every day. A lesson that’s always learned. The growth that I am experiencing through my soul’s journey.”

Robby Riggs has written and recorded hundreds of songs over the course of his career in the Rock, Pop, Electronic, Hip hop, Dance, R & B, House, Drum & Bass, Trance, and many more genres, with his company Robeter Productions in the music, film and television, and video games industries.

Robby believes on the ever-evolving nature of people, and thinks everyone should strive to be better than they were yesterday. While his long-term goals include sharing more of his music with more of the world, he hopes to contribute to this evolutionary process of the spirit with his music. “I have a lot still to learn and a lot to share. I wish to motivate people to love and grow and enjoy every day and inspire,” says Riggs.

“In My Dreams (Feat. Ayla Rodney)” is available for streaming and purchase now! Watch the video on the Robby Riggs YouTube channel. Please Like and Subscribe.





Passionate about songwriting, music production and singing since he was young, Robby Riggs was born Roberto Ariganello, in Toronto, Canada. He owns Robeter Productions in Toronto and is CEO of The Audio District Recording Studios as well as record label / publishing company, Robby Riggs Music Group Inc.

He previously led vocals, wrote and co-produced for Silence and 747 with Jamie Stewart of the British rock band The Cult. He has had international releases that have topped music charts in three continents, as one half of the recording duo, Mach 747.

Robby Riggs’ music has featured on TV Shows such as Queer as Folk. He wrote and produced all the music for the award winning documentary The Last of the Scottish Wildcats. He has also has written and produced music for Nintendo DS, Stars Group on-line gaming, and for Sony PSP.

In 2020 he formed the Robby Riggs Music Group Inc. as a collective for artists and producers who have collaborated with him, to create and license out more high quality original music!




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