Introducing Marked Since Day 1, a Multimedia Artist

Listen to Marked Since Day 1’s Take on Dark Romances With His Latest Releases

Chicago, Illinois – March 1, 2021 – Marked Since Day 1 spent most of his young life shifting from one living facility to another, ultimately finding a home in the world of music. He has captivated listeners by his unique birthmark and dark portrayal of love and life in his music.

His experience as a visual artist and concept model has allowed Marked Since Day 1 to maintain a creative ethic with every song. In just one year, the artist has been able to roll out five albums. His songs, like “Escape”, have a foundation in dark romances and inner turmoils. A sixth project will be released by April end, containing several singles out of which the first single, “The Rejected” is coming out on April 1, 2021.

Marked Since Day 1’s lyricism makes room for conversation about topics like the lack of stability in life that many individuals struggle with. Despite the dark themes, the raw emotions displayed in his music will deeply resonate with the listeners. By experimenting with music that is conceptually unsettling yet profound, the artist hopes to become the symbol of uniqueness and self-appreciation.

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David Gabriel, also known as “Marked Since Day 1” or “The Marked 1”, is a multimedia artist hailing from Chicago. He is most recognized for his career as an independent model. His alias was created in light of his wine stain facial birthmark and has manifested itself into a symbol for the appreciation of uniqueness. Marked Since Day 1 has attracted a lot of attention for his unique musical style alternating from modern, slick bar antics to classic-oriented ballads and outlaw melodies.




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