Hunter Bowen: The Ups and Downs of Love in Country

Hunter Bowen: The Ups and Downs of Love in CountryTwo things never fail in Country music; love and heartbreak. It was a no brainer that Fort Worth, TX man Hunter Bowen would grow up to be not only a lover of Country music, but a man who could deliver in it as well. His parents gave him his first guitar at age five and only four years later at nine, he started his singing career. Today he created songs that showcase both the ups and downs of love, but also songs that the blue collar community can get behind and sing along to as well. Midnight Sky paints a picture of a county fair, a boy on his trusted guitar and a girl he has his eye on. It’s a cute love song, as is Feel Good Today, which offers up more of a rock sound. Then there is the other side of the love spectrum, the heartache. She Can’t Stay makes you feel for this boy as does Baby Gone. Both utilize the idea of fine storytelling that is synonymous with Country music. Then to shake things up, Hunter offers up Turn It Up, a song for the working man. Fans of Country showmen like Kenny Chesney and Dierks Bentley will likely fall for not only Hunter Bowens music that is straight up Country due to its ability to deal with all aspects of the heart and the reality of life, but his baby face. (