Voice of men – This is my war

Voice of men – This is my war

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Voice of Men are a vocal Group from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and they have recently released their single This is my War. There is no doubt that this group has talent. Footage from their entry in Malaysia’s Awakening Talent Contest shows them delivering flawless vocal harmonies, involving all five members of the band. It’s no surprise that they made it into the top 16 of the competition.

Their single This is my War, transforms their harmonious pop style into something altogether different. The vocals in the song are delivered as a fusion of Rap and Rock, more akin to the style of Linkin Park. The development of their style from family friendly, coffee table pop into something a little more edgy is a bold move. The varying vocal styles in the song seem to form a scene of heartache in a future dystopia. When a song can alter your perceptions in such a way, there is obvious theatrical and musical credibility. The single is well produced, however, like other bands in this relatively unexplored genre, merging alternative rock and rap, their sound feels a little over produced at times. It seems as though their production team has created a style for them, which doesn’t seem concurrent to the band members and their style. Having said that, as a vocal group, they do execute the song to a high standard. The tempo carries an abundance of energy, and the vocals a great deal of emotion, which are likely to resonate with the next generation of rockers. It wouldn’t be surprising to hear this song in rock bars across Malaysia, and the rest of the world, as despite being alternative, it still maintains a level of mainstream appeal. The lyrics are also relatable, for both those who are struggling in their own personal battles, and those who have already triumphed in theirs. The song, explicit by the name, has a fighting energy about it, not in a violent way, but in a way where life’s challenges are being faced head on.

Stylistically speaking, the single artwork for This is my War has really captured their new direction. The fury in the band members’ contorted faces really matches the style of the music. However, seeing them on the Awakening Talent Contest, it is still a struggle to associate this boy band, with the style depicted on their current single. If this is the direction the band is going in, then they need to leave their sweet and innocent image behind, and commit to the dark side. If they commit to their style, then they are likely to get more global recognition. They already seem adept in promoting themselves, and with their growing online following, it looks like things are on the up for this band.

I-TUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/this-is-my-war-feat.-ameen/id994831227

Review by James Beckett