The Many Sides of Johnny Derek

Johnny DerekJohnny Derek is a man you just can’t peg down. With Ariel by his side on “What If,” the two bring a story to life with a sincere take on music. He picks up the beat with “Jesus in the Morning” and gets a little funky with it. We started out on a more folk note and have definitely switched gears here. This guy is a new man at every press of play. In “If I Knew a Song That Really Sucked I’d Sing That Song For You!” we hear his country side coming through. It’s not just the sound but the lyrics that make this one have that that country vibe. As we head down the list of songs he’s got going on “Tequila Sunrise” sticks out as it paints a Southwest sunset picture in the head of everyone it comes across, while “Mountains of Mourne” really does a number on the heart as the beautiful intro of it cannot be beat. Johnny Derek has a lot of styles going on, but overall what he does best is construct a good time with his sound but if you’re a fan of music that’s more country with a hint of blues, he’s the man for you. So check him out now! (