Michael Good Luck: Scripts and Scraps

micahel good luckMichael Good Luck’s “Scripts and Scraps” is an alternative gem. Words are not the key when it comes to making music that speaks volumes. That is at least the case with “New Step.” The energy flooding through it comes at a pace that both builds excitement and gets you ready to go. You’re anticipating what’s around each note, and happy when it comes through. It sounds like Michael Good Luck is creating this epic pieces when it comes to his musical construction in “The Gemini.” This one sounds like it could’ve been the foundation for some timeless rock track from the likes of Journey. With a name like “The Golf Club,” it was hard to know what to expect but what came well, it wasn’t. It was this heartfelt instrumental that made you picture an intense movie scene set in the rain, and of course – slow motion. Music doesn’t always need words and when it’s made that way, artists like Michael Good Luck take charge. If you’re a purist, check out Scripts and Scraps,” out now. (https://michaelgoodluck.bandcamp.com/album/scripts-and-scraps)