Susie Butler: Susie Sings Sarah

Susie ButlerSusie Butler’s “Susie Sings Sarah” is a look back at a great time in music, but in the now. “Can’t Get Out of This Mood” starts off the record on a high note. Her cool and calm delivery is a welcoming embrace. She really sets in the soul as “Misty” plays on and into “Lullaby of Birdland,” which has more of an upbeat tempo that makes toes tap. “Nice Work if You Can Get It” transports you back to a simpler time. You instantly feel as if you’re in Harlem when African Americans were really beginning to find themselves emerged in the arts and started to shine for it. Her elegance is impeccable in “Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year” All in all this is an album for those who cannot get enough of smooth jazz. (