Igniting Inspiration through a Prophetic Musical Vision: Wise fool and Mo Better Illuminate the Pathways towards Light

With a dynamic new style of R&B, Rap, and Reggae, singer-songwriters Wise Fool and Mo Better craft music with a life altering vision through new release, “WHOS

Ennis, TX — Crafting a memorable and mesmerizing R&B and Reggae spirit, Wise Fool and Mo Better are driven to inspire prophetic introspection. Changing the world one step at a time with their unique musical ethos, the duo is set to magnetize listeners with soulful rhythms and tunes.

With their new release, “WHOS LEFT 2 BE RIGHT”, the artists pierce through undiscovered fabrics to present listeners with an outlook that is both inspiring and uplifting. The newest track showcases a stunning collaboration which emphasizes the musical expertise of both artists.

Wise Fool and Mo Better encapsulate a soulful song writing style that is rarely seen in the world of Rap, stunningly enunciated through catchy Reggae rhythms. With a driving ideology to change the world with their musical prowess, the artists believe they went from having no luck to being the luckiest people in the world.

Key to their music is the poetic lyricism that the duo channels with each new release, with a hope that they will be able to successfully touch the hearts, minds, and souls of people across the world. “WHOS LEFT 2 BE RIGHT” underscores the duo’s cardinal mantra that life altering opportunities are out there, waiting to be seized and explored.

“We are not religious but believe in a source,” say the artists regarding their musical inspirations.

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Marlon Wilson, better known by his artistic identity Wise Fool, and Cliff Hooper known by his stage name Mo Better are a thriving, rising duo in Reggae and Rap. Complemented by Omnivision, also known as Joe, the artistic maestros are set to collaborate with contemporary artists and cultivate a magnetic imprint for themselves in the industry.

Bringing back a unique meaning to music, the artists collaborate with other producers and hope to build a formidable brand for their music. Mo Better and Wise Fool are looking towards inspiring listeners in search of a higher source.

“I’m doing this so that one day not just some, but all will know that there is a higher source than just self,” says Wise Fool regarding his musical journey.


Wise fool and Mo Better
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