Igniting Reflection through Rich, Inventive, and Experimental New Age Anthems: Richard Spasoff Unveils Ground-Breaking New Album ‘GAGA’

Marked by melodic vocalizations and striking keyboards, eclectic artist and composer Richard Spasoff melds together diverse musical genres, with the release of his dynamic eight-track album, ‘GAGA’

Escondido, California– November 10th, 2021- Immersing listeners into the depths of his vibrant and mesmerizing instrumentation, multi-genre artist Richard Spasoff is driven to soothe and inspire. With the release of his dynamic new album, ‘GAGA’, the talented powerhouse presents a mix of lyricism and rhythms, weaving together an inventive, creative, and experimental fusion of sounds.

Touching different genres and stylistic elements, the 8-track album is a complete musical voyage, offering listeners a look into the musical realm of Richard Spasoff. The backstory behind the album’s production and composition makes it even more special to consume, and the release is set to position the artist among rising icons.

Aiming to continue his musical journey by writing music that is both relaxing and riveting, the seasoned artist hopes to get more of his original music out on radio stations and streaming platforms. Inspiring positivity, while also being rooted in realism, Richard Spasoff’s music is an ode to the beauty of melody and harmonic resonance, as highlighted in tracks such as “Spiritual Awakening” and “Jazzy Moon”.

Crafted with much attention to detail, the singles echo a style redolent of Avant-Garde Jazz, but not free form, resulting in a mix that is sonically stirring. Retaining a personal narrative while mixing together experimental lyricism and rhythms, the newest album showcases liberty and freedom, while also being set into a particular arrangement.

“This piece of music was just speaking to me during my girlfriend’s painful transformation to Heaven, It was beyond anything sad…but through God and my girlfriend were speaking to me though the music to help me clam down,” says Richard Spasoff regarding the album’s inspiration.

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Richard Spasoff is an American composer, musician, and avant-garde multi-media artist, who is sending waves in the world of Experimental, Soul, Electronic, and Jazz. A vibrant, formidable and energetic force in the rich world of electronic music, Richard Spasoff is a true force to be reckoned with. Having spent 30 years crafting a reputable name as a leading psychic advisor, curating mediums and medical intuitions, Richard Spasoff always found music to be a matchless channel of comfort and tranquility amidst life’s many pressing troubles and anxieties.

The talented Southern California based practitioner is creating a refreshing new subgenre of New Age music, dominated by “psychic music”, and promoting tranquility and the spirit of calmness. Richard Spasoff has also made a name for himself within the TV and radio arena, becoming a leading personality for over 25 years. The artist is now looking forward to composing varied electronic fusions that truly strike through hearts, minds, and souls. He also aims to work on movie sound tracks with different production companies, while honing his own skills and sensibilities.




Name: Richard Spasoff

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (760)-718-9680

445 W El Norte pkwy
Apt 108

Escondido, California
United States







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