Illuminating an Escape from the Chasms of Depression and Loneliness: Country Artist Netty Mac Stuns with New Release

With her soul-stirring and inspirational new release, “NUMB”, singer-songwriter Netty Mac provides a shoulder of relatability, raising awareness regarding suicide and self-harm

Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada — March 24th, 2022 – A powerhouse of talent, singer-songwriter Netty Mac brings with her music, a characteristic and inspiring melodic ethos. The newest release titled, “NUMB” is set to release on March 24th, 2022, and is a track that poignantly encompasses the feeling of helplessness, and the depths of depression that a suicidal person finds themselves in.

Pensive, rich, and contemplative, Netty Mac’s inspiring track “NUMB“, was recorded at CCMA Award Winning studio- MCC Recording Studio. After listening to the track, listeners are bound to feel like they are not alone in their depression and that they have a shoulder to rest upon whenever they are surrounded by depressive thoughts and sentiments.

“NUMB” is a track that voices the artist’s driving mantra, a philosophy that allows her to escape from the darkness of life- that life is 10% what happens and 90% based on a person’s attitude. Embracing positivity and optimism, the eclectic singer-songwriter’s music is composed in a manner that is both relatable, unique, and memorable.

Netty Mac’s vocals are unique, traversing a Rock-esque raspy vibe, followed by a melodic and heartfelt vocal style. “NUMB” adds onto an already dynamic discography that is rife with relatable and moving singles, which stand out due to their unfiltered, raw, and piercing lyrical content.

“I wrote NUMB when I was in a place of unfathomable sadness, feeling utterly lost, and desperately alone. I ask that you reach out on a deeper more authentic level to those you love when checking in on their mental health. You may be surprised by how many people in your life are suffering silently from unfathomable sadness, feeling lost, and desperately alone,” affirms Netty Mac regarding her new track’s inspiration.

Netty Mac plans to record this summer and hopes to continue sharing her love for music, while connecting with fans- “The Netty Mac Train”- around the world.

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Driven by passion and determination, Netty Mac is set to inspire and motivate listeners with her rich and meaningful tunes. Written with a yearning to reach the hearts of her listeners, her songs are built upon a spectrum of themes, from sentimental symphonies to upbeat rhythms.

Charisma, ingenuity, and sheer will have propelled Netty Mac into the world of music as an impressive artist whose vocals and lyrics are adored by listeners worldwide. Garth Brook’s songs remain a source of inspiration for Netty, as they represent the qualities she aspires to incorporate in her music. Hailing from Medicine Hat, Alberta, Netty had a dream which she was not hesitant to make reality, investing time in learning the technicalities of forming her own band. With the release of her first CD album ‘Rock My World’, her efforts were finally brought to fruition.


Netty Mac
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