Illuminating the Festival Season with Enlivening EDM Rhythms: Rising Sensation PERSEPHONE Set to Amaze with New EP

A stirring music producer, DJ, and Dance Music Artist, PERSEPHONE is crafting her own unique position in the world of EDM, as an unrivalled Female DJ, igniting a wave of emotions with upcoming EP ‘Walking Contradiction’.

Tampa, Florida  – June 4th, 2021 – A prolific DJ, composer, vocalist and musician, PERSEPHONE is a definite force to be reckoned with, in the world of EDM. An eclectic artist, PERSEPHONE has been making music for more than 20 years. With her unique, out-of-the-box musical styles, the growing artist has continued to evolve and adapt her musical styles and talents with changing times.

A classically trained musician, PERSEPHONE is crafting her own brand, as she incorporates an original instrumental composition with memorable, modern digital DAW interfaces. A multi-genre talent, PERSEPHONE stands out from other EDM artists, with her seamless mixes that use hard driving bass lines, organic instrumentals, and dark and grim beats that pay homage to her hardcore, industrial roots. Considering music to be an expression of her soul and her life’s voyage, PERSEPHONE’s compositions are rooted within diverse and varied genres of music.

PERSEPHONE’s musical composition echo the many struggles she has had to endure bravely throughout her life’s journey. From being bullied growing up, to her crippling battles with addiction and mental health, the stirring artist has dissolved her darkest troubles in the immersing waves of music. Channeling her talents through the rich and electric compositions, the budding artist is now looking forward to the release of her forthcoming multi-genre dance EP, titled ‘Walking Contradiction’. Offering a vivid approach to music production and EDM styles, the EP is a blend of different styles. From hard sounds rooted within her early Hardcore and Rock roots, to moving and soulful melodies dotted with Drum and Bass Breaks, the artist’s music embodies her own growth and transitions.

“All my music speaks to my soul, and therefore spreads to influence others to feel the emotion, I feel when I make each song,” says the rising artist regarding her music.

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Growing up in the hard industrial sounds of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, PERSEPHONE is an up-and-coming multi-genre EDM artist, who spins magic with each charged musical compositions. Owner and Founder of RIP Promotions and Hush Communication, the eclectic artist started her musical journey as a child playing a Muppet Babies keyboard, mixing with animal sounds to make a composition of her own and performing in front of neighborhood kids with her friends. Growing up, PERSEPHONE started orchestra at the age of 8 playing the violin, viola, and cello. A seasoned, classically trained musician, PERSEPHONE blends together empowering and festive music, and is eyeing her DJ residency with the brand Goat Shed, out of Bristol, United Kingdom.



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