I’m ready to work and do whatever it takes to become the greatest.

Atlanta, Ga — Thursday, September 12th, 2019 — Young kobe24  is the next up in the Hip-hop industry.  He is from a small city called Flint, Mi. He has devoted every second into his craft. Growing up on the streets is hard for many but Young Kobe24 made his way off the streets with dedication and hard work.  He is a great person and willing to work with new people.  I see 2020 as a bright year for Young Kobe24.  Keep your eyes open him because great things are on the way.

Young kobe24 is the voice of today’s youth. Young Kobe is the voice of those who are struggling with no way out. You will be able to find young kobe24 on Instagram @24kyoungkobe. Keep your eyes open because December 31st is the day he will drop his first studio Album “Black Mirror ”

“The sky is the limit” a famous quote from artist Lil Wayne. This quote has given Young kobe24  the motivation to keep working on his craft.

Young kobe24  is a hardworking and very humble person.  He works and pushes himself harder than anyone else I know. He has also spent 4 years of his life in armed forces serving for the US Army.  So he knows what it means to put others before himself.

In summary, great things are on the way for Young kobe24. His hardwork and dedication have gotten him this far. Every second of Young kobe24 day goes towards involving his career. Do sleep on him because you will wish you didn’t.

Follow Young kobe24  on Instagram @24kyoungkobe, Listen to Young Kobe24  music on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1F9gfErYMZv6RttHSPM5sc?si=haGHykTgSXaWx-bU7nD8og, Email Young Kobe24 @ [email protected]


Young Kobe24 is a rapper from the hard streets of Flint Michigan.  His music is the voice of the streets. He speaks for those who can’t speak for themselves.



Young Kobe24
140 Pine st Ne Atlanta, Ga 30308

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