Indie Artist and Music Producer Ashley Jana Channels the Beauty of Melancholy in Her Latest Single “Underneath The Shadows”

Indie Artist and Music Producer Ashley Jana Channels the Beauty of Melancholy in Her Latest Single “Underneath The Shadows”

With a beautiful intensity and an expressive delivery fitting for a James Bond movie, Ashley Jana is able to turn her suffering into an art form with her new cinematic single, “Underneath The Shadows”

New York City, New York – September 7th, 2021 – Ashley Jana has just written, produced, performed, and released a stunning and hypnotizing new single called “Underneath The Shadows”. With a dramatic atmosphere that some would describe as “dark Disney”, Ashley’s emotive vocals come across as both fragile and yet confident when combined with the compelling instrumentation that lies beneath it.

Ashley Jana hopes to further build on her legacy with “Underneath The Shadows” as the track is in and of itself, a slow burn. Beginning with an eery and sorrowful ambience, the song unfolds into a powerful cinematic climax that is both gripping and intense. Touching on the top of tragic love, her rich and sultry voice showcases a raw and introspective lyric that will compel listeners to come back for more, and many would also agree that this song belongs with the cinema.

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About Ashley Jana
Ashley Jana is an independent singer/songwriter, music producer, and pianist who many would describe as a soul searching, genre bending mystic and Renaissance woman. Making music that is cinematic, psychedelic, and deep, Ashley Jana’s goal is to pull her listeners below the surface in order to explore the unseen depths of her inner world, and while they are there, she hopes that they might be able to find their own catharsis within it.

As an artist, Ashley Jana is currently most well known for her musical contributions to the hit show “Dance Moms”, which led her to sell over 100,000 mp3s and garner over 20,000,000 views on Youtube collectively (with her most famous songs being “Electricity” and “Party Party Party”). She has also collaborated with Grammy winner (Record of the Year) Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, which led her to write for the hit show “Empire”, she wrote for the well known Kpop group “Twice” with her song “Jelly Jelly”, she wrote for the famous Italian star Giorgia with the song “Scelgo Ancora Te”, and more.

Through her music, Ashley Jana has proven her nearly boundless versatility by embracing a wide range of musical styles, and she now seeks to embrace what she loves to create the most: hauntingly beautiful and soul penetrating music that reflects upon the human condition. Deeply introspective, strikingly mysterious, and with a vast depth of emotion, Ashley Jana can most appropriately be described as a “musician’s musician”, and in her eyes, her journey has only just begun.

Additionally, Ashley Jana is an advocate for musicians’ rights and has recently been written about on major news sites such as Digital Music News, Business Insider, and more.

She is also aspiring to compose music for film and musical theatre. An example of her film composition work can be found on Youtube, and for more information about her musical theatre work, please contact her directly

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