Infectious Rhythms to Get the World Grooving and Moving- SHALALA’s Turns Up the Heat with New Single “The Party Is On”

An inviting, upbeat, and enthralling mix, SHALALA’s new track “The Party Is On” is all about the right beats and rhythms for everyone to enjoy

North Miami Beach, Florida — July 26th, 2022 —When it comes to composing enriching and memorable Dance and World music, few artists are doing it like up-and-coming Miami-based artist, SHALALA. With her inviting and gripping vocal energy that is set to make anyone forget about their woes and join into the cascading rhythms, SHALALA is a rising icon.

Her dynamic new track, “The Party Is On” allures people from all countries across the world into a mesmerizing and idyllic portal, making them all dance to the beat. The new single is the perfect composition of world music, and was released for listeners on May 27th, 2022, on the artist’s official music platforms.

SHALALA counts her family, friends and producers who were involved in the musical process amidst her strongest support systems who are responsible for the kind of music she puts out.

“The Party Is On” depicts a rich, tranquil, and soothing musical experience. From the listeners perspective, the song is a portrayal a refreshing, newfound Caribbean vibe, along with captivating beats and rythyms. The track stands out as a unique musical composition, owing to its many diverse flavors that can attract listeners of any age.

“My inspirations came from an Island band name Kassav and other singers as Janet Jackson, Mickael Jackson, Diana Ross, Eydie Gorme, Nimon Toki Lala and Monique Seca. My grandmother was also my motivation, she always encouraged me to follow my dream,” says SHALALA regarding her music motivations.

With an unshakable resolve and strong belief in God, SHALALA continues to put the Lord first in everything that she does, cognizant that God is in control of her life’s trajectories. She plans to make her music heard across countries and continents, penning new tracks for her audiences. The artist also hopes to get the opportunity to travel and perform around the world.

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SHALALA is a dynamic, up-and-coming Caribbean singer, songwriter, and artist who also continues to stun audiences with her musical prowess. Apart from being a stellar vocalist and composer, SHALALA is also no stranger to dancing, and continues to enliven audiences with her acts.

The rising singer-songwriter has been making music for over 10 years and remains inspired by the likes of icons of the game including Kassav Janet Jackson, Mickael Jackson, Diana Ross, Eydie Gorme, Nimon Toki Lala and Monique Seca, among others. With a focused mindset and a passion to achieve all her goals, music and otherwise, SHALALA is all set to build a solid fan base and continue writing original songs.



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