Inspiring and Refreshing Hip Hop Music: Rising Artist Ju Beanz Releases New Single

With his insatiable passion to spin magical stories with Hip Hop and R&B compositions that are relatable and stirring, growing sensation Ju Beanz is ready to flourish and inspire.

Detroit, Michigan – April 23rd, 2021 – Driven by a enthusiasm to improve, evolve and create the most stunning and raw Hip Hop music, Ju Beanz is all set to become the finest addition to the genre of Rap and R&B. The budding new artist is rightfully using the dynamism and variations of R&B and Rap music as an authentic and vibrant channel to showcase his unique talents and artistic sensibilities. With the release of his hard-hitting and stunning new single “Show Time”, Ju Beanz highlights sheer artistic genius in both songwriting and music.

Having released on April 16th, 2021, the refreshing single is a raw and soulful track, that is dominated by Ju Beanz’s powerful vocals and songwriting and is bound to pierce through every heart and mind. Highlighted by strong and striking vocals and moving lyricism, “Show Time” is set to put Ju Beanz on the map as a Hip Hop artist to look out for.

A collective work of art, “Show Time” has been produced by emerging producer TSH, with T.B.C VISUALS spinning magic in the single’s photography and complementing music video. Written fully by Ju Beanz, the new single sets Ju Beanz apart from mainstream Hip-Hop artists, due to its unique songwriting melded with hip beats.

Imbuing his musical compositions with layered and riveting storytelling, Ju Beanz intends to continue producing music that is not only exciting but is also a source of encouragement for listeners. This motive is what makes “Show Time” a Hip Hop track which offers a complete power-punch.

“I want people to relate to and connect with every song I make, every song that I make must be perfect,” says the rising artist regarding the release of his soulful new single.

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Emerging new artist Jullian Kirkland, known better by his artistic name Ju Beanz, hails from Detroit, Michigan. Motivated by an unending urge to make music that is both enjoyable and relatable, Ju Beanz has always found music to be his calling.

Writing his first single at the young age of 12, Ju Beanz found the varied and rich genres of Hip Hop and R&B to fully complement his vocals and musical styles. With the release of his new single “Show Time”, Ju Beanz wishes to continue producing works of art that are inspiring and memorable for listeners of his music.



Name: Ju Beanz
Phone: (734)-560-3450
Email: [email protected]