Inspiring and Stimulating Positivity and Happiness through LGBT-Themed Music: Chick Boyd Unveils Exciting New Album

Channeling excitement, fervor, and an unbridled sense of freedom, dynamic singer-songwriter Chick Boyd showcases his talents with new album, “Gay Like Me”

St. Catharines, ON, Canada — March 15th, 2021- An artist whose music is characteristically his own, Chick Boyd is a budding phenomenon in the musical world. With his scintillating and exciting musical compositions, rife with meaningful and impactful lyricism, Chick Boyd showcases a unique and distinct musical ethos.

The talented powerhouse’s new release, “Gay Like Me” consists of a riveting set of singles that are rooted within the artist’s own experiences and forms a relatable collection of tracks for fans of the genre.

Chick Boyd’s music exudes a sense of ebullience and positivity, and “Gay Like Me” is no different. The 8-track album, with singles such as “Vaseline” and “I Like Men!” features an unfiltered, unrestrained, and compelling narrative, building on the artist’s dynamic and spontaneous musical character.

Having been released for listeners on February 14th, 2022, the new album has been independently written and recorded by the artist. Boyd counts iconic singer-songwriter Frank Sinatra among the inspirations behind the album.

Positive party music that is meant to stimulate optimism and simply an unbridled sense of liberty and freedom, Chick Boyd’s newest release is made to make listeners happy and content. The artist’s principle of fighting for freedom of speech- without which he believes everyone is just a slave, is the driving, motivating mantra behind “Gay Like Me”.

“Gay Like Me”- Boyd’s new album begins to play automatically when you land at The artist has made over 50 albums and 100 music videos himself, all of which can be played at

“I couldn’t be more successful. I can say anything I want without censorship. Thank you, God,” says Boyd regarding his music.

Stream and watch the music video for new tracks from Chick Boyd’s new album “Gay Like Me” on the artist’s official music platforms on Spotify and Soundcloud, and by visiting the artist’s website, Follow the artist’s journey and contact Chick Boyd through email for interviews, podcast, bookings, etc.




Chick Boyd is a seasoned 51-year-old who has been professionally recording music since 1992. Independently writing his songs, the eclectic artist also plays the instruments, sings and produces his musical compositions, while also making music videos himself.

The artist has suffered from schizophrenia for 30 years now. He worked with the ghost of John Lennon to make the song and music video for his track “Rain Man”. The artist’s goal was to have his own website where he could have people listen to his music, download it, and watch his music videos- a dream that materialized and was accomplished with Boyd considers his website “a kingdom…with albums and lots of videos”.
He currently writes and records a song at midnight, puts it online in 5 minutes, and emails his fans so that they can check it out- a spontaneity and confidence that defines his craft.


Chick Boyd
Name: Charles Boyd
Address: 15 La Salle Dr., St. Catharines, ON, Canada
Email: [email protected]
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