Inspiring Hope and Change through Uplifting Rhythms and Lyricism: The Profitz Mesmerize Listeners with New Release

With their soul-stirring track, “Turn It Around”, The Profitz presents listeners a hopeful and encouraging outlook towards life, permeating hearts and minds

Toronto, Ontario, Canada — March 21st, 2022- The Profitz are a collective of talented and seasoned artists, singers, and songwriters who are driven to inspire and magnetize listeners with their positivity and optimism. The talented band members hope to create a meaningful impact with their musical compositions, healing souls, and weaving connections with the power of music.

Traversing a rich and diverse mix of genres, The Profitz stands out amidst other rising acts, as a band that is more than just music- it is an emblem of change and upliftment making strides within the industry at a great pace.

The Profitz newest stand-out act is their soulful new release, “Turn It Around”- a promising track to enliven and inspirit listeners of their music. The refreshing new track is a breath of newness and is slated for release on March 21st, 2022.

 “Turn It Around” represents an assuring and hopeful plea to humanity, enshrining listeners to put aside their differences and turn the course of their lives and pathways around- just armed by a sense of reassurance, confidence, and trust in one’s own self.

The new single follows up on the artist’s stunning discography, which includes tracks such as “Enough for Everyone”, “The World Has Changed”, and “The Days Go By”- all meant to be beacons of enlightenment, but most importantly, sources of relatability and comfort.

The new release was co-produced and features on guitar, legendary producer Stuart Epps. Listeners of the group’s music are bound to experience a sense of inspiration and upliftment, all while internalizing that whatever obstacle in life tries to bring you down, you can communicate and ‘Turn It Around!’

Needless to say, it was difficult for the artists to assemble everyone due to busy schedules. However, over the course of several years the group managed to get this recording completed and are now ready to share it with the world.

Stream The Profitz’ newest release, “Turn It Around” and follow the artists on social media for updates on new tracks. For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations, feel free to reach out through email.




The Profitz are a group of talented and promising singers and artists who are driven to make an impact in people’s lives, simply by following their own passion and interests. The Profitz began when musician Michael Fitzpatrick (Fitz) put out calls to longtime musical friends, after much encouragement from Michael Fonfara to get in the studio and record some of his songs.

Fitz decided to collaborate with his longtime friends and fellow musicians, namely guitarist Steve Grisbrook and bass player Omar Tunnoch.  Together, the artists agreed to work with each other and The PROFITZ were born. Collectively these multi-award-winning Canadian musicians have worked with some amazing talent over their careers. Big Joe Turner, Etta James, Lou Reed, Foreigner, Electric Flag, Billy Ray Cyrus, Fathead, Paul Butterfield, Downchild Blues Band, James Cotton, Dan Aykroyd, Paul Shaffer, Colin James is just some of the distinguished names that The Profitz have recorded or performed with.


The Profitz
Name: The Profitz
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