Inspiring Joy and Wisdom through the Power of Hip Hop: Tai Ducati Spurs Positivity through Rich Hip Hop and R&B

Rap finds a vibrant and riveting new face with the work of Tai Ducati, who hopes to spark life into the spirit of humanity with rejuvenating new tracks

Queens, NY — April 12th  , 2022 – Captivating audiences through compelling combinations that reinvent and reshape Hip Hop, Tai Ducati represents more than just a rising act. The eclectic artist aims to voice the raw and authentic issues that struggling urban communities face worldwide, packaged seamlessly through powerful song writing and vocals.

Empowering listeners to prosper, grow, adapt, and succeed, Tai Ducati’s focus is centered upon making positive impact with meaningful lyricism and rhythmic compositions. Ducati aims to spur motivation and give a ray of hope to people in uncertain times- a necessary catalyst amidst the hustle and bustle of contemporary life.

With tracks such as “How Queens Gets Down”, which was unveiled in October 2021 and is streaming on the artist’s official music platforms, the talented powerhouse inculcates pride and joy, bringing smiles through enriching song writing.  “How Queens Gets Down” has gone on to amass over 50,000 views on Instagram in less than a month from untimely release, with the artist’s following growing to over 16k in just a few weeks.

“I decided to use my lyrical ability and make music without profanity, violence, disrespect, drugs etc. I decided to have the possibility to make hardcore hip-hop but appropriate for all age groups,” says Tai Ducati regarding his musical ethos.

With hopes to spread his words in every city, state and country that he possibly can and impact all who listen to his music, Tai Ducati emphasizes the cruciality of peaceful and respectful form of expression. With his distinct musical character, traversing and engaging with themes such as the importance of struggle, courage, and support, Tai Ducati underscores the need to give back to people and society.

“How Queens Gets Down” traces a silver lining of hope that Tai Ducati tries to deliver through experimentally unique compositions, while simultaneously staying true to his own creative rhythms and character.

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