Inspiring Positivity through Electrifying and Rapid Fire rap flows! Emerging Artist Drae Mizphit Unveils Sick New Album!

With his stellar collection of 48 stirring singles, Drae Mizphit puts on a show of unique talent, highlighted by Rap and R&B music, which is both enthralling and engaging, rooted within his own stories.

Phoenix, Arizona – May 5th, 2021 – Up-and-coming singer and song writer Drae Mizphit is changing the scene for Rap and Hip-Hop music, as he unveils a refreshing and characteristic new R&B and Hip-Hop record. Having independently produced and written his new album, Drae Mizphit encompasses a range of feelings and sentiments seamlessly.

An emerging name in the world of R&B and Rap, the rising artist showcases a unique Rap talent and an authentic feel, in a world where the genre has become a mainstream game. Spanning 48 stunning singles, the new album is a stirring collection of a whole lot of feelings.

Having released in 2020, the soulful album titled “The Masterpiece” is an electrifying composition, which encapsulates the lyrical styles and abilities of artists such as Eminem, Tech N9Ne and Lil Wayne. Captivating hooks and unique lyricism set the budding artist apart from other artists in the Rap genre, as he succeeds in immersing listeners in a whole different dimension. With moving singles such as “Lonely Road” and “P-Pop”, Mizphit is able to conjure a laidback and scintillating vibe, while staying true to Rap roots throughout. Imbuing listeners with an emotive experience, the budding singer and producer has put together a collection of enriching and stirring musical compositions.

Through his sensory musical compositions, Drae Mizphit wishes to motivate the youth of today to be creative, keep their heads up, and trust in the power and Glory of God.

“I plan to continue working hard on my music and my new music [is] coming soon with my own independent label called Darksyde Productions,” says Drae Mizphit regarding the release of his inspirational new album.

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Budding singer and producer Drae Mizphit has been a force to be reckoned with, creating independent musical compositions in the genres of Rap, R&B and Hip Hop. An independent sensation, the artist writes, produces and creates his music himself, through his independent label Darksyde Productions. Moved by his father’s death when he was only 13, Drae Mizphit found music to be a channel to release pain and voice his feelings through his songwriting.

Today, the growing singer remains inspired and motivated by his kids and family, spinning magic through music. Driven by this motivation to spread positivity and optimism in the world, he aims to make a difference in the world. With his lyrical talent and musical genius, Drae Mizphit is on the track to match his icons Eminem, Twista, Lil Wayne and Outkast.



Name: Drae Mizphit (Darksyde Productions)
Email: [email protected]



Instagram http://ig/@draemizphit