Inspiring Wonder with an Entrancing Sonic Spectacle- ViolinGrrl’s Mesmerizes Listeners with New Melody “O Holy Night”

In time for the most wonderful time of the year, ViolinGrrl’s powerful new single and backing track- “O Holy Night” are a captivating yet charming rendition

Boston, MA — A marvelous new offering by ViolinGrrl and musician John Conway, “O Holy Night” is a refreshing take on a traditional Christmas carol, woven with real emotions. Set against the intimate spin of soft, alluring violin instrumentation, the new single introduces listeners to the sheer brilliance of Kristen Annese’s vocals.

A contemporary blend that brings to life the nostalgic appeal of a classic Christmas track, “O Holy Night” is set for re-release on December 10th, 2022. The new single features a stunning yet delicately played piano instrumentation by John Conway, who is matched by an equally magnificent display of violin skills by ViolinGrrl.

A soul-stirring acoustic single, “O Holy Night” is the perfect track to grace church choirs, solos, and music videos that want the richness and sonic perfection ViolinGrrl embodies.

Delivering a versatility which is hard to find, ViolinGrrl can effortlessly evoke emotions of nostalgia from her audience. The talented violinist uses her instruments to compose seamlessly textured tunes, enchanting listeners, and displaying her broad-ranging techniques.

Experiencing ViolinGrrl’s matchless techniques and striking harmonic composition, audiences are bound to be stunned by her finesse. “O Holy Night” is bound to become a staple addition to the season as a Christmas track that beautifully captures the emotions of the time.

ViolinGrrl enjoys playing a diversity of styles, including classical, pop, rock, country, jazz, and blues. This ability has made it possible for her to record with and perform around the world on both national and international stages with well-known artists.

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ViolinGrrl plays several musical instruments, but at the early age of 3, she saw Itzhak Perlman play violin on Sesame Street, and that’s when she fell in love with the instrument that would become her lifelong pursuit. Since then she has had many years of formal training in classical and jazz techniques. She plays music both by sight and by ear and is able to create spontaneous solos as well as accompaniments to artists she plays with.

John Conway is an entrepreneur, visionary, musician, and technical strategist. Named as one of the top global technology and security architects in the world, John wasn’t always in IT. In his early years, John toured with various groups and bands delivering lead vocals, playing keys, clarinet, and sax. He currently owns various technology companies while keeping himself rooted in music with his partner ViolinGrrl producing music and touring.

Kristen Annese-Lawrenson is an American actess, professional ballroom dancer, and talented vocalist. She is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and was recently credited in the Showtime Series, Dexter:New Blood, playing the role of Shawna. Kristen has a beautiful and powerfull voice with a broad range. She lives in the Boston area with her husband Corey.


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