Interview: Kelvin Frazier

Hey Kelvin! Thank you for your time today. So we know you are a musician, Chemist, Professor and consultant. How do you balance all of this and focus on what you are truly passionate about?

It is pure will power and time management that helps me to balance things. There are times one has high priority than the others, so I stay focus on that task for a certain amount of time before switching up things.
We love your music, but we also love that giving back is important to you. We read that you started your own scholarship program. Tell us more about that.

I did start a scholarship fund under my name where a student received financial support for their education. I mostly give back with my time as well where I mentor young college students with a non-profit I volunteer for called i-Trek (I Turn Research Into Empowerment and Knowledge). I am one of the founding members of the organization

What have you experienced as a musician that gives you a clear understanding of just how ‘tough’ the industry can be at times?

I will not call out any names, but there are a bunch of people who makes false promises out there about where they can expose your music to. I definitely wasted money and time, but came to release that it’s all a game for people. My advice is not to be too anxious from what people say they can do for you and do your research to see if they are legit first. I was really a newbie to this at first.
If you could work with any music producer in the world who would that be and why?

Kirk Franklin simply because I love all his music and can tell he produced a track without looking at the credits.

What are some of the highlights of your musical career which also lead you to this point in time?

Landing on the Billboard Charts, securing over 20K retail stores to play my music, and my music being approved for national television networks like OWN, MTV, and more.
Do you think a musician needs to be in Los Angeles to ‘make it’ in music?

No, there are several big music spot in the country. Your drive, talent, and determination will set you apart wherever you go. 



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