Introducing Hip-Hop’s Latest Obsession SUMO

Two Albums Out Now

Oklahoma City, Olahoma – February 28, 2019 – SUMO is a collection of talented individuals from all walks of life each armed with their own set of skills that elevate their blend of hip-hop and R&B to the next level.

Jacob Pnake came to the US from Cameroon, Africa right as America started an interesting chapter in its long history. Obama had just won the election and hope was in the air. With a childhood populated with music thanks to his mother being in the church choir and watching Michael Jackson videos around the clock, Jacob Pnake knew what he was destined to do from an early age. That lingering feeling teamed with the hope cast on America gave him the push in the right direction. In that direction was the co-founder of SUMO, Kalease Carter as well as singer-songwriter Malcolm. Pnake serves as the anchor of sorts taking on the engineering, producing, editing, and even offering up some piano skills when necessary.

Together SUMO has created a plethora of music that includes not one, but two albums. Eight-tracks deep The Exploits of Rushon & Bunz offers listeners chilled vibes with portraits lyrically painted from start to finish with standout tracks like “The Lake (Fake Friends)” and “Summer Fling” featuring the talented $avage. Within the same year, they managed to drop another banger, Sunset Over Desolate China. With little time between the two, it’s impressive to hear the growth in between the two with more livelier tracks like “Turnmeup!” really making waves.

With substance and vibes being their bread and butter, it’s no wonder local crowds have eaten SUMO up each and every time they’ve taken the stage. They’ll be back around in the OKC-area in April. Stay tuned for dates. As they plan their next string of shows and continue to work on music, SUMO is available for all interview opportunities. Those interested in featuring them via interview, reviewing their music, or featuring their music on their playlists can reach out via the information provided below.


SUMO is a musical collective focusing on giving audiences an immersive experience when it comes to hip-hop and R&B with their releases; The Exploits of Rushon & Bunz and Sunset Over Desolate China.

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