Introducing Kindra In Christ™

Christian Singer and Songwriter with Over Fifty (50) Songs

Frisco, Texas – February 19, 2019 – It can often take an artist years to write enough songs for an album. Not Kindra In Christ™. After hearing the call of God on her life as a Christian singer and songwriter just six (6) months ago, she has written over fifty (50) songs. Five (5) of these songs have currently been released as singles, and additional songs are in production and scheduled for distribution throughout 2019, to be included as part of her first album.

It is easy to understand why Kindra In Christ™ refers to these songs as the “music of God’s heart.” The raw and vulnerable lyrics share a story of a broken heart seeking its healing and redemption in Jesus Christ. In combination with the poignant music and pure vocals, this music offers a piercing and inspirational testimony to the grace of God in her life. Through these songs, Kindra In Christ™ bears witness to the healing and forgiveness offered by Jesus Christ to any who will accept His free gift of salvation and grace.

Kindra In Christ™ is not afraid to “get her hands dirty” by dealing candidly and honestly with personal issues in her music. Her hope and prayer are that this music will build a bridge between her listeners and the hope offered through Jesus Christ – hope that she herself has personally experienced.

After losing her mother in a tragic car accident in April of 2016, she reached a crossroads. Up until that point, Kindra In Christ™ had battled a lifetime of addictions, in addition to several mental health issues. Through the loss of her mother, Kindra In Christ™ turned to her Father – her heavenly Father. Once the “perpetual prodigal”, Kindra In Christ™ now has a heart to see other “wanderers” return to the loving arms of their heavenly Father.


Kindra In Christ is a Christian singer-songwriter with over fifty (50) songs in her back pocket that will be released throughout the year.

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