Introducing R&B Music’s Next Champion KeauxKeaux

Introducing R&B Music’s Next Champion KeauxKeaux

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Shreveport, Louisiana – April 21, 2020 – KeauxKeaux, formerly known as Luveraci, is only 22-years-old but young age hasn’t stopped him from being an underground favorite, and the head of his own record label. Now he’s gearing to take everything to the next level with Chi Era The Company and his latest single, “Who Made You.” 

KeauxKeaux realizes the gifts of R&B. The way it evokes emotion and allows audiences to feel new levels of romance. So he got to work with his brother and producer, Fiu, to create one of the best new love songs to date, “Who Made You.” Destined to be a future wedding mainstay, “Who Made You” showcases signature R&B elements throughout as it’s both encased in soul and grace and delivers a harmonic sound from start to finish. “Who Made You” follows the release of his 2019 release, ‘Jerrico by Luveraci: A 42 Tracklist.’

Born a twin and a month early, KeauxKeaux didn’t come into this world easy. Feet first at birth, doctors were worried but he defied the odds. After that, he lived a pretty typical life that is until he found music. He was only 10 at the time, but something about creating, singing, writing – all felt natural to his 5th grade self. A dozen years later, he’s still going strong with it and taking things up a notch by being not only a master engineer and graphic designer, but also the CEO of his own label; Chi Era The Company. 

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KeauxKeaux, formerly Luveraci, is hyped and ready to move forward with his latest release and plans to dominate the industry with his label, Chi Era The Company. 

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